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25 Grassy Plain St, Bethel,
CT 06801, USA
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Spice Indian Cuisine & Bar is a newly opened well established Indian Restaurant in Bethel CT, which serves the true taste of Southern & Northern Indian food.

Our  Chefs and the staff are well experienced in the industry and our goal is to bring you the real taste of authentic Indian food. Our success will definitely be your satisfaction …..

We warmly invite you to visit our restaurant once, and taste the “difference” !

Team Spice Indian Cuisine & Bar

Indian and ``Hidden Gem`` Category

Spice Indian Cuisine was named to the Connecticut Magazine Best Restaurants 2023 list.

We are OPEN on the TUESDAY, 14th February 2023, for VALENTINE’S DAY celebrations…. We accept the RESERVATIONS…. & Please BOOK your table now…. !

Call us on : + 203 3005784


Indian food includes perhaps the most dazzling array of fresh vegetables and fruit cooked in a multitude of ways that help retain their freshness and nutrients. A lot of cooking processes tend to cause vegetables and nutrients to lose their health benefits, but not Indian cooking. Thus, Indian food allows you enjoy their health benefits in a more enjoyable way than their original form.

Indian cooking uses spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic and green chilies – all of which have medicinal and healing properties. So when people think of Indian food as being spicy, what they are not realizing is that the spices used to make the dishes are actually good for the body and don’t just taste nice.
Team Spice Indian Cuisine & Bar

25 Grassy Plain Street, Bethel, CT.

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We believe that the only secret behind the success of any business, is nothing but catering of honest, quality & professional service to it's valuable customers!

Quality wines and spirits
The most commonly used mixer, Indian tonic water, is a carbonated beverage with a bitter hit provided by quinine, a substance extracted from cinchona bark. With a touch of lemon and a dab of sweetness it has been the go-to mixer for gin and vodka fans for years.
Quality Indian Food
Indian food includes perhaps the most dazzling array of fresh vegetables and fruit cooked in a multitude of ways that help retain their freshness and nutrients.
Food take out facility and catering services are available at Spice Indian Cuisine & Bar - CT.
Enjoy our Take out menu for you to enjoy at office or home. Also we can cater for all kind of your function. Look forward to serving you!



01. Lasuni Gobi
Cauliflower florets tossed with tomato garlic sauce. (G) (V)
02. Chili Chicken
$ 11.99
Battered fried young chicken tenders with peppers, onions & Andhra spices. (G)
03. Bagari Jhinga
$ 12.50
Grilled Shrimp tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves.
04. Chili Paneer
$ 11.50
Homemade cottage grilled cheese with onion, peppers & spices.
05. Vegetable Samosa
$ 7.99
A Pastry stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas.
06. Vegetable Platter
$ 7.99
An assortment of vegetable fritters. (Eggplant, Potato, Cauliflower, Spinach and Onion) (V)
07. Masala Dosa / Mysore Dosa
$ 12.99
Paper thin rice crepe stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas. Coconut chutney and sambar.
08. Chef’s Special Calamari
$ 12.50
Crispy Calamari stir-fried with onions, bell pepper, garlic and curry leaves. (G)
09. Samosa Chaat
$ 8.99
Sliced Samosa layered w/chickpeas and yogurt herbs. (G)
10. Palak Chaat
$ 8.99
Baby Spinach battered fried with yogurt and herbs.
11. Mixed Kebab Platter
$ 12.99
An assortment of kalmi kebab, chicken tikka, kakori kebab & Malai kebab.
01. Tomato Rasam
$ 5.50
Hot and sour south Indian soup made of tomato, tamarind, herbs & spices flavored with garlic. (V)
02. Mulligatawny Soup
$ 5.50
Vegetable and lentil soup. (the best-known soup of India)
03. Garden Salad
$ 6.99
Fresh garden vegetables, chickpeas, lettuce tossed with Southern spices and chef’s special dressing. (Add $3 for Shrimp/ $2 for Calamari)
04. Hot Pickle
$ 3.50
Mixed vegetable pickle.
05. Mango Chutney
$ 3.50
Sweet mango relish.
06. Raita
$ 3.50
Yogurt, cucumber relish.
07. Papad
$ 3.50
Thin crispy lentil wafers with cumin seeds.
01. Tandoori Chicken
$ 16.99
Classic on bone marinated with homemade yogurt with spices. (The best-known Indian delicacy)
02. Gustaba
$ 32.50
New Zealand lamb chops cooked in tandoor with yogurt, nutmeg, Ajwan and served with grilled vegetables. (a Kashmir specialty)
03. Chicken Tikka
$ 18.50
Young chicken breast marinated with yogurt herbs and spices.
04. Shrimp Malai Kebab
$ 21.99
Jumbo bay shrimp marinated with yogurt, white pepper, ginger and saffron.
05.Kakori Kebab
$ 19.99
Fresh ground lamb with mint, coriander, cumin and cilantro grilled in tandoor.
06. Satrangi Kebab
$ 32.50
Medley of chicken, lamb, shrimp, lamb chops, vegetable kebabs.
07. Murgh Malai Kebab
$ 18.50
Young chicken breast marinated with yogurt, lemon juice, white peppers ginger, garlic and saffron.
08. Tandoori Shrimp
$ 21.99
Jumbo bay shrimp marinated with yogurt ginger, lemon juice and homemade spices.
01. Chicken Tikka Masala
$ 17.99
Chicken breast broil in tandoor oven cooked in creamy tomato curry sauce. (favorite from Punjabi)
02. Butter Chicken
$ 17.99
Clay oven grilled boneless shredded chicken cooked in a buttery mild tomato sauce with onion, bell pepper and spices.
03. Amchuri Murgh
$ 17.99
Cubes of chicken breast in a chef special mango flavored curry sauce.
04. Chicken Kurma
$ 17.99
Chicken breast in a mildly spiced curried creamy cashew and saffron sauce.
05. Chicken Chattinad
$ 17.99
The deviled chicken in black pepper corn sauce.
06. Chicken Tikka Saag
$ 17.99
Chicken tikka in a spinach gravy.
07. Chicken Vindaloo
$ 17.99
Goan Specialty chicken in a hot and sour tangy tomato sauce with potato.
08. Murgh Tikka Kadai
$ 17.99
Chicken tikka cooked with tomato, garlic, peppers and kadai spices.
09. Kodi Vepudu
$ 17.99
Chicken with ginger, garlic, onion, green chilies, curry leaves, and spicy dry masala.
10. Chicken Dhaniwal
$ 17.99
Curried chicken cooked with homemade yogurt and fresh cilantro.
11. Chicken Madras
$ 17.99
Chicken cooked with ginger, mustered seeds, curry leaves in a hot coconut gravy.
01. Shrimp Mappas
$ 21.50
Jumbo bay shrimp cooked with red chilies, coriander, tamarind and spices in a coconut milk.
02. Prawn Balchao
$ 21.50
Shrimp, crushed tomato flavored with curry leaves and spices a Goan delicacy.
03. Shrimp Coconut Curry
$ 21.50
Shrimp cooked in a rich coconut gravy with southern spices.
04. Dahi Dhani Ginga
$ 21.50
Jumbo shrimp cooked with homemade yogurt, fresh cilantro, ginger and spices.
05. Kolomino Patio
$ 21.50
Parsi shrimp curry with sharp chilies, sweet jaggery and tamarind.
06. Kerala Fish Curry
$ 21.50
Fresh salmon cooked with southern spices and herbs, stewed in a chef special Kerala sauce.
07. Manglorian Fish Curry
$ 21.50
Fresh salmon in a tangy coconut stew with ginger and curry leaves.
01. Lamb Saag
$ 19.50
Lamb cooked in a delicately spiced spinach gravy.
02. Salli Boti
$ 19.50
Lamb stewed cooked with apricot and spices.
03. Balti Gosht
$ 19.50
Lamb cooked with peppers, onion, mushroom chilies and ground spices.
04. Lamb Vindaloo
$ 19.50
Sweet and sour spicy gravy with potatoes.
05. Lamb Pasanda
$ 19.50
Lamb stewed with creamy cashew sauce.
06. Mamsam Koora
$ 19.50
Spicy gravy with red chilies, coriander, green chilies and flavored with coconut and ginger.
07. Uppu Kary
$ 19.50
Lamb cooked with onion, garlic and curry leaves. ( A Tamil Nadu favorite)
08. Rogen Josh
$ 19.50
Traditional lamb curry with tomatoes and spices.
09. Lamb Phaal
$ 19.50
Blend of red chilies, green chilies, onion, tomatoes and spices.
01. Saag Paneer
$ 15.99
Spinach and homemade cottage cheese.
02. Bhindi Do Piyaza
$ 15.99
Fresh okra, onion, pepper, herbs and tomato.
03. Malai Kofta
$ 15.99
Cottage cheese and vegetable bumplings in a mild cashew sauce.
04. Chole Peshawari
$ 15.99
Chickpeas and potato cooked in Peshwari style.
05. Bagara Baingan
$ 15.99
Baby eggplant cooked in chef’s special sauce bringing out a unique flavor.
06. Dal Makhani
$ 15.99
Mixed of lentils (kidney beans, black beans, split pea, green moong dal)
07. Mutter Paneer
$ 15.99
Green peas and cottage cheese with mildly spiced creamy tomato sauce.
08. Tadka Dal
$ 15.50
Tempered yellow lentils, cumin, ginger and spices.
09. Subji Bhaji
$ 15.99
Stir fried mixed vegetables with ginger, cumin seeds, curry leaves and turmeric.
10. Navaratan Khorma
$ 15.99
Mildly spiced creamy cashew sauce with an assortment of vegetables.
11. Paneer
$ 15.99
Homemade cottage cheese preparations (Masala, kadai, makhani, julfrizy) .
01. Naan
$ 3.99
Traditional Punjabi bread cooked in Tandoor.
02. Garlic Naan
$ 4.50
Naan bread seasoned with minced garlic and cilantro.
03. Onion Kulcha
$ 4.50
Naan bread seasoned with chopped onions and cilantro.
04. Peshwari Naan
$ 5.99
Naan stuffed with nuts, rasins and cottage cheese
05. Tandoori roti
$ 3.99
Whole wheat bread baked in Tandoor.
06. Cheese Naan
$ 5.50
Naan stuffed with American cheese and cilantro.
07. Chili Naan
$ 4.50
Naan seasoned with chopped green chilies and cilantro.
08. Aloo Paratha
$ 5.50
Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes.
09. Tawa Paratha
$ 5.50
Multi layered whole wheat bread grilled on the griddle.
10. Poori
$ 4.50
A puffed unleavened whole wheat bread.
01. Biriyani (Chicken)
$ 18.50
Saffron basmati rice & curried lamb/chicken/shrimp stew cooked in a traditional way. Very popular in Muslim & Parsi weddings. (Add $3 for Shrimp, $3 for lamb, $2 less for vege)
02. Medley Biriyani
$ 19.50
Saffron flavored basmati rice with mixture of curried lamb, chicken & shrimp cooked together in a traditional way.
03. Ciltrannam
$ 7.50
Flavored rice of your choice- Lemon/ Coconut/ Tomato.


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First time today and it was wonderful! Everything was super fresh and delicious and the service was lovely. Try the mixed biriyani – one of the best I’ve ever had. Will be back very soon! Great food · Takeaway menu · Daily specials · Cosy atmosphere · Casual · Creative cuisine.
Paty Huthert
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Very nice Indian food friendly staff love to visit again high recommend to my friends Great food · Romantic atmosphere!
Vinu Vincent
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I didn’t think any place could compare to my favorite Indian restaurant 2 hours away. I was so very wrong. Everything we ordered was incredible! We will be back and soon!
Susan Allender
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Great tasty food and service!
Tasting menus…
Annamaria Jones-George
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Got takeout tonight and it was fantastic! So happy to have Spice here in Bethel.
Rebecca Woitkoski Chamberlain
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Amazing food, great atmosphere!
Melissa Premuto