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01. Lasuni Gobi
$ 8.99
Cauliflower florets tossed with tomato garlic sauce. (G) (V)
02. Chili Chicken
$ 11.50
Battered fried young chicken tenders with peppers, onions and Andhra spices. (G)
03. Bagari Jhinga
$ 11.99
Grilled Shrimp tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and cooked in a tangy curried tomato sauce.
04. Chili Paneer
$ 10.99
Homemade cottage grilled cheese with onion peppers and spices with scallion and soya sauce.
05. Vegetable Samosa
$ 7.50
A Pastry stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas served with tamarind sauce. It’s an all-time favorite from Punjab. (G) (V)
06. Vegetable Platter
$ 7.50
An assortment of vegetable fritters. (Eggplant, Potato, Cauliflower, Spinach and Onion) (V)
07. Masala Dosa / Mysore Dosa
$ 12.50
Paper thin rice crepe stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas. Coconut chutney and sambar.
08. Chef’s Special Calamari
$ 11.99
Crispy Calamari stir-fried with onions, bell pepper, garlic and curry leaves. (G)
09. Samosa Chaat
$ 8.50
Sliced Samosa layered with chickpeas and yogurt herbs. (G)
10. Palak Chaat
$ 8.50
Baby Spinach battered fried with yogurt and herbs.
11. Mixed Kebab Platter
$ 12.50
An assortment of kalmi kebab, chicken tikka, kakori kebab & Malai kebab.


01. Tomato Rasam
$ 5.00
Hot and sour south Indian soup made of tomato, tamarind, herbs and spices flavored with garlic. (V)
02. Mulligatawny Soup
$ 5.50
Vegetable and lentil soup. (the best-known soup of India)
03. Garden Salad
$ 6.50
Fresh garden vegetables, chickpeas, lettuce tossed with Southern spices and chef’s special dressing. (Add $3 for Shrimp/ $2 for Calamari)
04. Hot Pickle
$ 2.99
Mixed vegetable pickle.
05. Mango Chutney
$ 2.99
Sweet mango relish.
06. Raita
$ 2.99
Yogurt, cucumber relish.
07. Papad
$ 2.99
Thin crispy lentil wafers with cumin seeds.


01. Tandoori Chicken
$ 16.50
Classic on bone marinated with homemade yogurt with spices. (The best-known Indian delicacy)
02. Gustaba
$ 31.99
New Zealand lamb chops cooked in tandoor with yogurt, nutmeg, Ajwan and served with grilled vegetables. (a Kashmir specialty)
03. Chicken Tikka
$ 17.99
Young chicken breast marinated with yogurt herbs and spices.
04. Shrimp Malai Kebab
$ 21.50
Jumbo bay shrimp marinated with yogurt, white pepper, ginger and saffron.
05. Kakori Kebab
$ 19.50
Fresh ground lamb with mint, coriander, cumin and cilantro grilled in tandoor.
06. Satrangi Kebab
$ 31.99
Medley of chicken, lamb, shrimp, lamb chops, vegetable kebabs.
07. Murgh Malai Kebab
$ 17.99
Young chicken breast marinated with yogurt, lemon juice, white peppers, ginger, garlic and saffron.
08. Tandoori Shrimp
$ 21.50
Jumbo bay shrimp marinated with yogurt ginger, lemon juice and homemade spices.


01. Chicken Tikka Masala
$ 17.50
Chicken breast broil in tandoor oven cooked in creamy tomato curry sauce. (favorite from Punjabi)
02. Butter Chicken
$ 17.50
Clay oven grilled boneless shredded chicken cooked in a buttery mild tomato sauce with onion, bell pepper and spices.
03. Amchuri Murgh
$ 17.50
Cubes of chicken breast in a chef special mango flavored curry sauce.
04. Chicken Kurma
$ 17.50
Chicken breast in a mildly spiced curried creamy cashew and saffron sauce.
05. Kori Nilgiri
$ 17.50
Chicken tenders sauted with green herbs coconut milk in a nilgiri sauce.
06. Chicken Chattinad
$ 17.50
The deviled chicken in black pepper corn sauce.
07. Chicken Tikka Saag
$ 17.50
Chicken tikka in a spinach gravy.
08. Chicken Vindaloo
$ 17.50
Goan Speciality chicken in a hot and sour tangy tomato sauce with potato.
09. Murgh Tikka Kadai
$ 17.50
Chicken Tikka cooked with tomato, garlic, peppers and kadai spices.
10. Kodi Vepudu
$ 17.50
Chicken with ginger, garlic, onion, green chillies, curry leaves, and spicy dry masala.
11. Chicken Dhaniwal
$ 17.50
Curried chicken cooked with homemade yogurt and fresh cilantro.
12. Chicken Madras
$ 17.50
Chicken cooked with ginger, mustered seeds, curry leaves in a hot coconut gravy.


01. Shrimp Mappas
$ 20.99
Jumbo bay shrimp cooked with red chilies, coriander, tamarind and spices in a coconut milk.
02. Prawn Balchao
$ 20.99
Shrimp, crushed tomato flavored with curry leaves and spices a Goan delicacy.
03. Shrimp Coconut Curry
$ 20.99
Shrimp cooked in a rich coconut gravy with southern spices.
04. Dahi Dhani Ginga
$ 20.99
Jumbo shrimp cooked with homemade yogurt, fresh cilantro, ginger and spices.
05. Kolomino Patio
$ 20.99
Parsi shrimp curry with sharp chilies, sweet juggery and tamarind.
06. Kerala Fish Curry
$ 19.50
Fresh salmon cooked with southern spices and herbs, stewed in a chef special Kerala sauce.
07. Manglorian Fish Curry
$ 19.50
Fresh salmon in a tangy coconut stew with ginger and curry leaves.


01. Lamb Saag
$ 18.99
Lamb cooked in a delicately spiced spinach gravy.
02. Salli Boti
$ 18.99
Lamb stewed cooked with apricot and spices.
03. Balti Gosht
$ 18.99
Lamb cooked with peppers, onion, mushroom chilies and ground spices.
04. Lamb Vindaloo
$ 18.99
Sweet and sour spicy gravy with potatoes.
05. Lamb Pasanda
$ 18.99
Lamb stewed with creamy cashew sauce.
06. Mamsam Koora
$ 18.99
Spicy gravy with red chilies, coriander, green chillies.
07. Uppu Kary
$ 19.50
Lamb cooked with onion, garlic and curry leaves. ( A Tamil Nadu favorite)
08. Rogen Josh
$ 18.99
Traditional lamb curry with tomatoes and spices.
09. Lamb Phaal
$ 18.99
Blend of red chilies, green chilies, onion, tomatoes and spices.


01. Saag Paneer
$ 15.50
Spinach and homemade cottage cheese.
02. Bhindi Do Piyaza
$ 15.50
Fresh okra, onion, pepper, herbs and tomato. (V)
03. Malai Kofta
$ 15.50
Cottage cheese and vegetable bump-lings in a mild cashew sauce.
04. Chole Peshawari
$ 15.50
Chickpeas and potato cooked in Peshwari style. (V)
05. Bagara Baingan
$ 15.50
Baby eggplant cooked in chef’s special sauce bringing out a unique flavor.
06. Dal Makhani
$ 15.50
Mixed of lentils (kidney beans, black beans, split pea, green moong dal).
07. Bulti Baingan
$ 15.50
Bulti spices and herbs with char grilled baby eggplant.
08. Mutter Paneer
$ 15.50
Green peas and cottage cheese with mildly spiced creamy tomato sauce.
09. Tadka Dal
$ 14.99
Tempered yellow lentils, cumin, ginger and spices.
10. Subji Bhaji
$ 15.50
Stir fried mixed vegetables with ginger, cumin seeds, curry leaves and turmeric.
11. Navaratan Khorma
$ 15.50
Mildly spiced creamy cashew sauce with an assortment of vegetables.
12. Paneer
$ 15.50
(Masala, kadai, makhani, julfrizy) Homemade cottage cheese preparations.


01. Naan
$ 3.50
Traditional Punjabi bread cooked in Tandoor.
02. Garlic Naan
$ 3.99
Naan bread seasoned with minced garlic and cilantro.
03. Onion Kulcha
$ 3.99
Naan bread seasoned with chopped onions and cilantro.
04. Peshwari Naan
$ 5.50
Naan stuffed with nuts, rasins and cottage cheese.
05. Tandoori Roti
$ 3.50
Whole wheat bread baked in Tandoor.
06. Cheese Naan
$ 5.00
Naan stuffed with American cheese and cilantro.
07. Chili Naan
$ 3.99
Naan seasoned with chopped green chilies and cilantro.
08. Aloo Paratha
$ 5.00
Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes.
09. Tawa Paratha
$ 5.00
Multi layered whole wheat bread grilled on the griddle.
10. Poori
$ 3.99
A puffed unleavened whole wheat bread.


01. Biriyani (Chicken)
$ 17.99
Saffron basmati rice & curried lamb/chicken/shrimp stew cooked in a traditional way. Very popular in Muslim & Parsi weddings. (Add $3 for Shrimp, $3 for Lamb, $2 less for vege)
02. Medley Biriyani
$ 18.99
Saffron flavored basmati rice with mixture of curried lamb, chicken & shrimp cooked together in a traditional way.
03. Ciltrannam
$ 6.99
Flavored rice of your choice- Lemon/ Coconut/ Tamarind/ Tomato/ Sambar with curry leaves.

  • Prices are subject to change.
  • All entrees served with choice of aromatic basmati rice or brown rice.
  • Thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, seafood or shellfish reduces risk of food-borne illness